CCTV Solution from AdZak Security

AdZak Security have kindly offered Norton Tower residents a 10% discount on a high quality CCTV solution. AdZak Security offer a high quality HD CCTV system for your home or business, using one of the best brands around. The solution includes:

– Hik-Vision 4 port 1080 (HD) camera system
– 4 camera’s
– Hard drive
– Monitor (optional, incase you already have one)
– 1 year support and guarantee

All of the above from as little as £650. A great investment and peace of mind. If you require additional camera’s, a system can be provided to suit you needs.

The setup also includes configuration of your system, so you can view your camera footage live from your mobile anywhere around the World! So when that house alarm goes off, someone calls you to report suspicious activity around your property, or whether you just want to check out all is ok whilst you’re away, you can connect directly to your cameras from your phone to check. (Require internet connectivity)

Hik-Vision: Night View

Benefits of CCTV
– Deter criminal activity: A CCTV system can help prevent crimes by discouraging intruder’s. Intuder’s can be put off by seeing a mounted camera.

Peace Of Mind: It’s good to know that you are able to view what’s going on around your property from the one screen. You can view who is knocking on your door before deciding to open. A camera system can provide increased security and reassurance.

Evidence: CCTV recordings can serve as evidence in criminal investigation and may help you retrieve your stolen items when the intruder is captured

Keep an eye on the kids or pets: Being able to keep an eye on the kids or pets whilst sitting in the living room brings further peace of mind.

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