Clear the street of snow

Norton Tower is a great and peaceful place to live, but as you are aware the snow can cause problems. We get much more snow compared to the people living a mile down the road. 🙂

If you’re living by the main road, it’s not too bad, as the main roads are cleared and gritted by the council. They do a great job. But if you live where it’s difficult for the council to clear the snow, or they have other priorities, it can be difficult.

You’ll hear vehicle engines working hard, wheels spinning and clutches burning trying to get up the road.

As Norton Tower residents, we can help each other. If each one of us cleared the snow from the road outside of our driveways, it would help us and other residents get by with less hassle. Do be careful and look out for passing vehicles please.

The council place yellow grit bins around the area which can be used for public roads, so a sprinkle of that grit would benefit further if you have access to one.

Please do remember your elderly neighbours. Please help by clearing their drives so they can get in and out of the house without the risk of slipping.

Thankyou 🙂

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