Horse Poo – Is it a problem?

Compared to dog poo, the chemical constituents of horse manure are not toxic to humans.

As far as I know, and please correct me if i am wrong, there is currently no law regarding horses pooing on
the road. As long as they don’t do it on the pavement or a private road.

Personally, i love horses. They are a great animal to watch when going for a walk around the Countryside.

Horse poo around the country side or fields is not a big deal, but what about horse poo on roads, outside a drive? I have seen residents come out with a shovel and take away the poo for their gardens which is a bonus as it’s free, but not all residents fancy fresh horse poop and it stays there for days until it’s washed away by the rain. It’s also smelly for the first few hours and you don’t want to be accidentally stepping into it.

I have nothing against horse owners and know it is a embarrassing moment for them when their horses poop in the wrong place. But, personally i think horse owners should return to clear their horse poop if dropped outside the entrance leading to someones driveway.


If you’re a horse owner, your feedback is also welcome. 🙂

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