Norton Tower is a Neighbourhood Watch area

Thanks to Tony King from Calderdale Council, who assisted with setting up Neighbourhood Watch for Norton Tower. Tony has also sent out a letter to all residents of Norton Tower, detailing the below.

At a recent meeting, 2 residents volunteered to act as coordinators for the group.

Part of their responsibilities is to be the main contact with the police, keeping a diary of anything that has been reported to them by residents in the Norton Tower area, such as suspicious activity (unknown cars or persons frequenting the area), youth ASB, speeding vehicles, etc. All information will be reported to the Police on a regular basis who will then hopefully take appropriate action.

If you want to be a member of the neighbourhood watch group please send Tony King your details including email address and he will add you to the database to receive regular crime prevention updates, details of future meetings, and a useful members guide book.

By becoming a member, you will also help to get neighbourhood watch signs erected on lamp posts on your street, that helps to reduce/prevent crime in the area

Tony’s email address is tony.king @

Once again, thanks to Tony for setting this up, and the two residents for volunteering to be the group coordinators.

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