Secure your door locks

In case you are not aware, most external Upvc doors fixed come with a standard lock. Burglars love these locks. Why? Because they can break into them within seconds.

Below is an example of a standard lock, which lots of homes still have installed. It doesn’t take much effort to break into one of these. The image below shows how the centre of this snapped lock hangs off a thin piece of metal, and is the weak point of the lock.

Burglars target houses with such locks installed as they see them as an easy target. If you visit anyone who has been burgled, where the lock had been broken into, they were most likely using a similar lock.

What should I do?

Upgrade to an ABS Lock, it costs around £40 – £60 depending on where you purchase the lock from. The set of keys also comes with a card. You will need to present this card if you wish to create another key in the event you lose the key or just want another for a family member.

As you can see from the below image, if a burglar attempts to snap one of these locks, they will snap off the first part of the lock, but not the middle. The lock remains intact and you can still unlock the door from the inside.

Is ABS secure?
According to the ABS Secure website:

  • ABS has a TS007 3 star rating and is British Kitemark stamped and approved by the British Standards Institute.
  • ABS has also met Police Preferred Specifications and has been accredited by Secured by Design
  • There isn’t a UK test for a euro cylinder lock that ABS hasn’t achieved
  • 16 anti-drill pins throughout the cylinder for ultimate resistance against forced attacks.
  • 6 reinforced trap pins for sustained resistance against plug manipulation and picking.
  • The external (outside) part of an ABS® lock has two sections that will break away if an intruder attempts to attack the lock
  • If the first section is removed your ABS® key can still be inserted into the lock to safely open the door.
  • If the second sacrificial section is removed the ABS Active Cam Technology will fire into action to lock off both the cam and access into your home

More info on the lock can be found on the manufacturers website – click here

Stay safe

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