Watch Out For Your Neighbours

Some neighbourhoods experience less crime than others, but no neighbourhood is free from crime. Measures can be taken to reduce crime.

One way to help reduce/prevent crime is to team up with your neighbours, depending on trust.

Here are 7 ways to team up with your neighbours:

1. Get to know your neighbours

2. Keep a look out for each others properties

3. Exchange contact numbers

4. Have an arrangement between you in the event the house alarm goes off. For example; you may have an arrangement to contact the neighbour by phone and then mobile if the alarm does not deactivate after a number of minutes. If no response contact the Police, as this could be a sign they’re in trouble.

5. If you’re going on holiday, you may ask your neighbour to empty your outdoor mailbox so it does not overload with letters. An overloaded mailbox could be a simple sign to a burglar that there is no one at home. Or you could use Royal Mails keep safe service.

6. Install CCTV. Now a days, CCTV cameras can be accessed from a mobile phone from anywhere around the World. A very useful tool.
There is a chance your camera will be in a position to watch over the entrance to your drive, as well as the neighbours. Check their ok with this though.

7. Install an alarm system. You can have your alarm system configured to contact a number of people including your neighbours, in the event the alarm goes off.

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